Monday, October 5, 2009

Printed some layouts!

I'm so excited that my printed pages of my layouts arrived! I've always made the kits, but believe it or not I've never have actually put them together in to layouts to print! Until lately... I've got this addiction and I love to put pages together. I had these printed out through Creative Memories (just click on the bottom where it says "Photo Center") and I'm so happy with them. I printed them in a Matte finish instead of glossy and they look awesome! Very happy with the quality. Order 10 at a time to get a better price on the pages.

I put a lot of items on my pages like glitter, staples, different fonts, diamonds, chrome items and other things to see how they would actually print out... and I've never been happier. I can't wait to order more! I have some layouts made from my "The Smell Of Autumn" kit that I can't wait to print next.

Take a peek! Sorry about the photo quality, I can't get a good pic of the pages behind the plastic without a glare or something! But you get the idea.

Made from my "Capture A Moment" kit
Made from my "Baking Cookies With Mom" kit
I'm so happy how these cookies I made printed out.

Mixture of my "Eeerie Night kit" and other's kits.

From my "Eeerie Night Kit" and you can get these Quick Pages also

From my "Eeerie Night Kit" and you can get these Quick Pages also
Only a few elements on here are mine, rest is made from other's kits

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Anonymous said...

really great robyn! i like them alot!

Mommy said...

Robyn they look great girl!!