Saturday, October 1, 2011

Canvas Tent Shop

Wow the Canvas Tent Shop would have come in handy at the last outdoor craft show I did! There was a down pour for about 10 minutes and not only did some of our items get wet, but I tried to hold up the flimsy tent top (no sides) with my hands and all the rain ran down my arm and I got soaked. Canvas tents are great for any outdoor activity including hunting and camping but also would be great to cover your arts and craft projects at a craft show.

The Canvas Tent Shop not only has canvas tents, but they also have frame angle kits and stoves. They are very durable and a lot of use on your camping trips. Check out their website to view the strength test video. They have an information guide and set up instructions right on their website. What a better time to grab a canvas tent than now, for those winter camping trips.

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