Friday, June 3, 2011

New coat for my husband

Guest post written by Kendra Peters

My husband is one of those men that will wear a piece of clothing that he likes until it falls apart. I'm always having to switch out pieces of clothing in his wardrobe without asking him first or else I would almost be ashamed to walk around anywhere with him. But it's been a little tougher to get him to part with his favorite winter coat, so I thought it would be good to buy him one that I catch on clearance.

I went online to find a nice winter coat for my husband and while I was online doing that I ran across some that sounded really good, so I signed up for one of them for our household.

The winter coat that I found and decided to get for my husband is this black basic pea coat. I told him that it would match a whole lot of outfits, which made him warm up to the idea of a new coat a little more. Then once he wore it out, one of my friends told him that he looked nice in it, so I think he's sold on it now.

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