Thursday, January 20, 2011

WANTED! Pampers Gifts to Grow Reward Points!

I'm reaching out to my scrapbook world! :)
If you buy Pampers diapers, pull ups, wipes etc and do not collect the Gifts To Grow Reward points, I would SO SO SO appreciate it if you would pass the codes my way! My daughter is now fully potty trained and we only buy wipes once in a while, so I don't get the diapers or pull ups anymore to finish collecting any points. If you have a package of Wipes, Diapers or Pull Ups laying around here is how you can find the points:
The 15-digit Gifts to Grow code is printed on a small, white label, approximately two inches by one inch in size. You can find them on the INSIDE of the Diapers and Pull Ups packages and usually printed directly on the outside of refill wipes packages. Follow these simple steps to find the codes and feel free to email them to me !! You can use the Contact Button at the top of my blog and as often as you want to send them feel free! :)

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