Monday, November 15, 2010

Still adjusting to the new Doctor

Guest post written by Dean Wallace

OK, so I know that on the TV show Doctor Who, which is one of my favorites right now, the new Doctor has been on the show for a whole season now, but I'm still getting used to him being the Doctor instead of David Tennant. I think that it's because Tennant was the Doctor for so long and became so well loved. Well, I know that he was my favorite any way. I realized that he couldn't stay The Doctor forever and a showdown with some kind of weird aliens would force him to regenerate into a new body, but I just acted like it wasn't happening until it actually did.

I having nothing against the new actor show's playing the Doctor, the actor who plays him now it actually really good. When I was looking up stuff about him and found out that he's actually the youngest actor to play the doctor, I saw some info about a new wireless internet company and decided to click now to change over my internet service to it.

But, the new Doctor Who is doing a really good job on the show.

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